Post 41

Hi – it’s been a long time since my last post.

This will be the final post for these notes on the pandemic.

Here are the updates on March 6th, 2022

  • the vaccines came out strong in 2021 – Pfizer, Moderna, J&J
  • a huge success for the vaccines
  • we took 2 shots and a booster
  • the pandemic is now ending
  • a pill will be on the market soon
  • millions have died
  • masks mandates are now ending across all states, including in the big cities and CA
  • there are still debates between teachers and parents about kids wearing masks in schools
  • the economy was very strong in 2021
  • we have now entered an inflationary period
  • the stock market is looking bearish – but this is to be expected after so much money has been pumped into the economy – the hangover after the party
  • but just as we leave the pandemic behind, we now enter a new phase of this dynamic time in history – war has started – russia has invaded ukraine
  • these notes will now switch to this wartime phase that we enter – go to for the latest

Post 40

checking in with an update – the year of covid still going strong

world cases – 73,803,320

world deaths – 1,641,440

world recovered – 51,813,957

USA cases – 17,143,779

USA deaths – 311,068

the big news – we have a vaccine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – just started giving the shots this week in the USA

This is amazing – in the same year of covid – we develop a vaccine – science is moving at light speed now – wow!

Many states back to shut down – CA, NY – the usual suspects

Many companies are leaving CA in droves – including Tesla, Oracle and HP! – crazy – people getting out of that state fast

With me – that little company that I started in covid is going well – 9 clients and growing – you never know what can happen and you never know what you are capable of until you go out there and do it!

hang tight – will get back once we get the shots

and btw – Trump lost! – wow – what a crazy year

post 39

checking in with an update

numbers keep increasing

just passed 1 MIL deaths worldwide

world cases – 33,822,704

world deaths – 1,011,774

world recovered – 25,127,107

USA cases – 7,400,706

USA deaths – 210,690


In 2.5 months – worldwide deaths have doubled!

This has been a crazy roller coaster ride in the USA and across the world.

In the USA – most states have reopened at various stages with the SE leading the way in reopening the fastest – FL now 100% open with NE at 50% – but west coast still under some lockdown

Kids are back in school but many get sent home to quarantine for 14 days if exposed to a positive case

Colleges are a mixed bag – but covid is running wild on the campuses – kids going into special covid dorms

The economy is slowly recovering and we all wait for a vaccine – hopefully by EOY.

Meanwhile – we have the 2020 election closing fast – Trump v Biden – huge divisions in the country and parties

Also – much racial strife over the last few months – big push for more equal rights

On a personal note – the biz i started in covid is doing ok – have clients and paying the bills

fingers crossed on all of these topics with the next check in

post 38

long time coming back to this – thought is was over- it ain’t!

numbers now – big change from 2 months ago

world cases – 13,946,170

world deaths – 592,673

world recovered – 8,277,510

USA cases – 3,695,025

USA deaths – 141,118

Big story at this point – USA re-opened and now cases are spiking higher than before in the early low states

Florida, Texas, Arizona, California all spiking in terms of number of cases – deaths are rising too

People taking it more seriously now – more mask wearing

Kids still not back in school yet – and it will be delayed – some schools only online for Fall

Sports coming back slowly – not sure about football yet

We are not out of this – more details to come

btw- i started the biz – doing OK – 2020 is the year to survive and 2021 is the year to thrive

post 37

It’s been awhile but the pandemic is still going on –

world cases – 5,269,965

world deaths – 338,191

world recovered – 2,136,686

USA cases – 1,639,199

USA deaths – 97,432

The big news is that Brazil is spiking big-time – will catch up with the leading countries

The USA is re-opening – all except for CA – something crazy going on in that state – almost like socialism – they should rise up

Many leading tech companies have told their employees that they can work from home FOREVER – WOW!

Stock market still way up and way down

FLA now 50% open – off to a restaurant we go next week for Aisling’s bday

Kids are done with school – onward to 10th and 12th grade

I officially made the leap out into the great wide open – Oppaday is my job now – fingers crossed

Something tells me we are going to be alright!

post 36

We can see definite virus decreases across most of the world

world cases – 4,285,185

world deaths – 288,152

world recovered – 1,543,860

USA cases – 1,387,407

USA deaths – 81,909

All original hot areas are way down – Italy, Spain, UK, France, USA

But 2 still surging late – Russia and Brazil

Sweden modifying their lackadaisical approach with many deaths in elderly communities

USA way down – only 1k deaths yesterday

NY only 191 deaths

All other states are in double digit deaths except MA

45+ states have now started reopening.

We did see the largest 1 month unemployment since the great depression – ADP reported 20M unemployment claims for April 2020

The unemployment rate is now 14%

I have officially moved to my new company – fingers crossed and many late nights ahead – need to get a new client soon

The kids are happy – Ais is stressed – will move to her company’s healthcare soon – more expensive than before but better than cobra

We cut the cord yesterday with DirecTV – paying way too much for TV when streaming services can now provide same content for much less

Let’s hope the reopening helps everyone – jobs going, business going, stocks going

Once we get a vaccine, we will be all set but that won’t be until next year – until then we will wear masks everywhere

post 35

The economy is looking rough – it will be a deep recession but will it be short?

world cases – 3,915,973

world deaths – 270,701

world recovered – 1,341,133

USA cases – 1,292,623

USA deaths – 76,928

No major changes – hanging at the flatten curve part – same daily death numbers as a few days ago

Definitely past the peak but not trailing down further yet

USA still has 2k deaths per day – could be attributed to the fact that we have 50 different states that act like their own countries with their own re-opening plans

Brazil and Russia finally joining the ranks – deaths spiking in both countries

The states still showing low death rate even with re-openings

There are now 30M+ unemployed in the US – that is the big issue now

Can we recover quickly?

The stock market is jittery – no revenue for many sectors

At home – we are slowly going back into the world – kids are happy

I need to get this new business off the ground – doing all the grunt work/research now – need to get that first check in a few months to make this a reality

post 34

Into May we go!

world cases – 3,644,840

world deaths – 252,366

world recovered – 1,194,872

USA cases – 1,212,835

USA deaths – 69,921

We hit the quarter million death mark worldwide but numbers are dropping across the board – except for Russia – which finally seems to be hitting higher numbers

Spain/Italy in the 100+ death range for the day – that is very low compared the height of things

Trump now says USA will end up closer to 100k deaths

Most states down to double digit daily deaths – with NY only at 200 range

30+ states are now opening up

FLA opened slightly today – beaches open, restaurants open but only 25%

CA will start to reopen Friday

NY,NJ,MA all still closed

More cars on the road for sure –  people are getting out there

Anti-China talk is increasing as more countries blame China for all this death and economic destruction

I may have taken too many chances trying to make money off this stock market – Hertz could go bankrupt by tomorrow – not good for me!


post 33

Skipped a day –

world cases – 3,216,808

world deaths – 227,906

world recovered – 999,235

USA cases – 1,063,351

USA deaths – 61,618

Things continue to stabilize and trend downward

UK is now the daily death leader in Europe – 700+ deaths today

USA had over 2k deaths each of the last 2 days

In the USA, the number of new cases is declining as states start to open up

Florida will start to reopen next Monday, May 4th

We should see 10-20 new states open by next week

MA has extended stay at home until May 18th

CA has pushed their lockdown order to end of May

We only have 207 cases in our county

We were supposed to go to Boston for memorial day weekend but many places might still not be open – so will have to cancel for Aisling’s 50th bday

Stock market is starting to rise gradually

It will be a rough Q2 but should start to rebound after

I will announce my new biz next week and start on client number 2

post 32

Back from the weekend –

world cases – 3,048,420

world deaths – 210,539

world recovered – 916,986

USA cases – 1,002,900

USA deaths – 56,376

30k more people died across the world over the weekend

We crossed the 200k death toll worldwide and the 1M number for total cases in USA

We are entering a new phase of the virus – the re-opening phase

Numbers are dropping across the world

Countries are starting to re-open – including Italy, Spain, UK

Italy/Spain recording 200+ deaths per day

UK dropping to 400+ deaths per day

Germany only recorded 99 deaths yesterday and only 45 deaths today

Australia has only had 83 deaths overall

New Zealand says the virus is dead in their country – they had 19 deaths overall

NY only had 300+ deaths yesterday – CA only 32 and FL only 19 – GA only 9

Georgia re-opened Friday

TN, SC, MS opening today

OK will open on Friday

Here at home, we are still under lock down – hopefully it will be lifted by the end of the week.

A neighbor tested for covid but was negative – bam!

This has been an interesting time for our family – i think much more positive than negative – we have come closer together