Post 40

checking in with an update – the year of covid still going strong

world cases – 73,803,320

world deaths – 1,641,440

world recovered – 51,813,957

USA cases – 17,143,779

USA deaths – 311,068

the big news – we have a vaccine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – just started giving the shots this week in the USA

This is amazing – in the same year of covid – we develop a vaccine – science is moving at light speed now – wow!

Many states back to shut down – CA, NY – the usual suspects

Many companies are leaving CA in droves – including Tesla, Oracle and HP! – crazy – people getting out of that state fast

With me – that little company that I started in covid is going well – 9 clients and growing – you never know what can happen and you never know what you are capable of until you go out there and do it!

hang tight – will get back once we get the shots

and btw – Trump lost! – wow – what a crazy year

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