post 38

long time coming back to this – thought is was over- it ain’t!

numbers now – big change from 2 months ago

world cases – 13,946,170

world deaths – 592,673

world recovered – 8,277,510

USA cases – 3,695,025

USA deaths – 141,118

Big story at this point – USA re-opened and now cases are spiking higher than before in the early low states

Florida, Texas, Arizona, California all spiking in terms of number of cases – deaths are rising too

People taking it more seriously now – more mask wearing

Kids still not back in school yet – and it will be delayed – some schools only online for Fall

Sports coming back slowly – not sure about football yet

We are not out of this – more details to come

btw- i started the biz – doing OK – 2020 is the year to survive and 2021 is the year to thrive

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