Post 41

Hi – it’s been a long time since my last post.

This will be the final post for these notes on the pandemic.

Here are the updates on March 6th, 2022

  • the vaccines came out strong in 2021 – Pfizer, Moderna, J&J
  • a huge success for the vaccines
  • we took 2 shots and a booster
  • the pandemic is now ending
  • a pill will be on the market soon
  • millions have died
  • masks mandates are now ending across all states, including in the big cities and CA
  • there are still debates between teachers and parents about kids wearing masks in schools
  • the economy was very strong in 2021
  • we have now entered an inflationary period
  • the stock market is looking bearish – but this is to be expected after so much money has been pumped into the economy – the hangover after the party
  • but just as we leave the pandemic behind, we now enter a new phase of this dynamic time in history – war has started – russia has invaded ukraine
  • these notes will now switch to this wartime phase that we enter – go to for the latest

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