post 39

checking in with an update

numbers keep increasing

just passed 1 MIL deaths worldwide

world cases – 33,822,704

world deaths – 1,011,774

world recovered – 25,127,107

USA cases – 7,400,706

USA deaths – 210,690


In 2.5 months – worldwide deaths have doubled!

This has been a crazy roller coaster ride in the USA and across the world.

In the USA – most states have reopened at various stages with the SE leading the way in reopening the fastest – FL now 100% open with NE at 50% – but west coast still under some lockdown

Kids are back in school but many get sent home to quarantine for 14 days if exposed to a positive case

Colleges are a mixed bag – but covid is running wild on the campuses – kids going into special covid dorms

The economy is slowly recovering and we all wait for a vaccine – hopefully by EOY.

Meanwhile – we have the 2020 election closing fast – Trump v Biden – huge divisions in the country and parties

Also – much racial strife over the last few months – big push for more equal rights

On a personal note – the biz i started in covid is doing ok – have clients and paying the bills

fingers crossed on all of these topics with the next check in

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