post 37

It’s been awhile but the pandemic is still going on –

world cases – 5,269,965

world deaths – 338,191

world recovered – 2,136,686

USA cases – 1,639,199

USA deaths – 97,432

The big news is that Brazil is spiking big-time – will catch up with the leading countries

The USA is re-opening – all except for CA – something crazy going on in that state – almost like socialism – they should rise up

Many leading tech companies have told their employees that they can work from home FOREVER – WOW!

Stock market still way up and way down

FLA now 50% open – off to a restaurant we go next week for Aisling’s bday

Kids are done with school – onward to 10th and 12th grade

I officially made the leap out into the great wide open – Oppaday is my job now – fingers crossed

Something tells me we are going to be alright!

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