post 36

We can see definite virus decreases across most of the world

world cases – 4,285,185

world deaths – 288,152

world recovered – 1,543,860

USA cases – 1,387,407

USA deaths – 81,909

All original hot areas are way down – Italy, Spain, UK, France, USA

But 2 still surging late – Russia and Brazil

Sweden modifying their lackadaisical approach with many deaths in elderly communities

USA way down – only 1k deaths yesterday

NY only 191 deaths

All other states are in double digit deaths except MA

45+ states have now started reopening.

We did see the largest 1 month unemployment since the great depression – ADP reported 20M unemployment claims for April 2020

The unemployment rate is now 14%

I have officially moved to my new company – fingers crossed and many late nights ahead – need to get a new client soon

The kids are happy – Ais is stressed – will move to her company’s healthcare soon – more expensive than before but better than cobra

We cut the cord yesterday with DirecTV – paying way too much for TV when streaming services can now provide same content for much less

Let’s hope the reopening helps everyone – jobs going, business going, stocks going

Once we get a vaccine, we will be all set but that won’t be until next year – until then we will wear masks everywhere

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