post 35

The economy is looking rough – it will be a deep recession but will it be short?

world cases – 3,915,973

world deaths – 270,701

world recovered – 1,341,133

USA cases – 1,292,623

USA deaths – 76,928

No major changes – hanging at the flatten curve part – same daily death numbers as a few days ago

Definitely past the peak but not trailing down further yet

USA still has 2k deaths per day – could be attributed to the fact that we have 50 different states that act like their own countries with their own re-opening plans

Brazil and Russia finally joining the ranks – deaths spiking in both countries

The states still showing low death rate even with re-openings

There are now 30M+ unemployed in the US – that is the big issue now

Can we recover quickly?

The stock market is jittery – no revenue for many sectors

At home – we are slowly going back into the world – kids are happy

I need to get this new business off the ground – doing all the grunt work/research now – need to get that first check in a few months to make this a reality

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