post 34

Into May we go!

world cases – 3,644,840

world deaths – 252,366

world recovered – 1,194,872

USA cases – 1,212,835

USA deaths – 69,921

We hit the quarter million death mark worldwide but numbers are dropping across the board – except for Russia – which finally seems to be hitting higher numbers

Spain/Italy in the 100+ death range for the day – that is very low compared the height of things

Trump now says USA will end up closer to 100k deaths

Most states down to double digit daily deaths – with NY only at 200 range

30+ states are now opening up

FLA opened slightly today – beaches open, restaurants open but only 25%

CA will start to reopen Friday

NY,NJ,MA all still closed

More cars on the road for sure –  people are getting out there

Anti-China talk is increasing as more countries blame China for all this death and economic destruction

I may have taken too many chances trying to make money off this stock market – Hertz could go bankrupt by tomorrow – not good for me!


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