post 33

Skipped a day –

world cases – 3,216,808

world deaths – 227,906

world recovered – 999,235

USA cases – 1,063,351

USA deaths – 61,618

Things continue to stabilize and trend downward

UK is now the daily death leader in Europe – 700+ deaths today

USA had over 2k deaths each of the last 2 days

In the USA, the number of new cases is declining as states start to open up

Florida will start to reopen next Monday, May 4th

We should see 10-20 new states open by next week

MA has extended stay at home until May 18th

CA has pushed their lockdown order to end of May

We only have 207 cases in our county

We were supposed to go to Boston for memorial day weekend but many places might still not be open – so will have to cancel for Aisling’s 50th bday

Stock market is starting to rise gradually

It will be a rough Q2 but should start to rebound after

I will announce my new biz next week and start on client number 2

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