post 32

Back from the weekend –

world cases – 3,048,420

world deaths – 210,539

world recovered – 916,986

USA cases – 1,002,900

USA deaths – 56,376

30k more people died across the world over the weekend

We crossed the 200k death toll worldwide and the 1M number for total cases in USA

We are entering a new phase of the virus – the re-opening phase

Numbers are dropping across the world

Countries are starting to re-open – including Italy, Spain, UK

Italy/Spain recording 200+ deaths per day

UK dropping to 400+ deaths per day

Germany only recorded 99 deaths yesterday and only 45 deaths today

Australia has only had 83 deaths overall

New Zealand says the virus is dead in their country – they had 19 deaths overall

NY only had 300+ deaths yesterday – CA only 32 and FL only 19 – GA only 9

Georgia re-opened Friday

TN, SC, MS opening today

OK will open on Friday

Here at home, we are still under lock down – hopefully it will be lifted by the end of the week.

A neighbor tested for covid but was negative – bam!

This has been an interesting time for our family – i think much more positive than negative – we have come closer together

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