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world cases – 2,716,320

world deaths – 190,496

world recovered – 745,100

USA cases – 880,136

USA deaths – 49,842

All EU countries continue to go down in number of deaths and number of new cases.

Some countries actually never shut down – like Sweden.  Sweden keep the economy open and have only see 2k deaths overall.  Some would say that they self-isolate anyway as a country during normal times – some would say they get less international traffic – but nonetheless, they have had an interesting result to all of this.

USA still at the 2k daily death mark and new cases have remained the same – so we can definitely say that we have started to flatten – but the experts say it has been a prolonged flattening before we start to come down significantly because of NY – which has 47% of all deaths in the US.

The rest of the states are going down more rapidly and there are now 16 states that have stated their re-opening plans.

Georgia is supposed to re-open tomorrow – we will see

MA has clearly jumped into 3rd place for deaths after NY, NJ – i don’t think MA will re-open anytime soon

I was mentioning to Ais today that we do clearly live in a bubble in our town in NE FLA – we have not been affected by this crisis that much except for staying at home.  In NY, they are seeing a completely different experience with death everywhere.

The girls continue to get closer in this crisis – it is a completely different experience when you have 3 sisters going through this – they have company, they have each other.


One last note – the NFl draft is today and it all being done remotely – crazy!

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