post 30

world cases – 2,634,918

world deaths – 184,028

world recovered – 717,287

USA cases – 848,671

USA deaths – 47,658

Same downward momentum continues –

Spain/Italy now have 400+ daily deaths – half of the peak numbers

France/UK coming down as well

Germany/USA have the best deaths per M ratio – meaning that these 2 countries mitigated the virus the best

More protesters across the USA demanding that states reopen – and most states are ready to start re-opening

Dr. Fauci says that the USA mitigation has worked to help bring the forecast numbers way down

South Carolina is in the best shape to re-open according to the stats/predictions – and will be one of the first to re-open

Now we need to see how the economy recovers – that is the big question – will it be a dramatic recovery or a slow one

On the home front – I signed my 2nd client with the new biz today – so that is good news – now just need to earn the revenue

All the kids summer activities like Mayo volunteer program is cancelled


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