post 29

world cases – 2,555,737

world deaths – 177,459

world recovered – 690,219

USA cases – 818,744

USA deaths – 45,318

All countries going down in daily deaths and new cases – except UK – they are still having a bit of trouble – 800+ new deaths

USA had a higher day in daily deaths – 2800 – but new cases went down by a few thousand

20 states are getting ready to start re-opening things – we will see how it goes

Protests all over the nation – people asking state govts to re-open ASAP

More $$ coming from the US govt to help small businesses

Harvard apparently received some of this aid to the tune of $8M and Trump is not happy – demanding they return so it can help smaller businesses in need

Trump has suspended all immigration to US until crisis is over and US citizens have a chance to get back to work

I need to move us to new healthcare before old employer runs out – will do by next week

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