post 28

Note: back from the weekend – data reflects 2 days have passed

world cases – 2,479,691

world deaths – 170,370

world recovered – 646,173

USA cases – 792,759

USA deaths – 42,514

All countries are trending downward in terms of daily deaths and daily new cases

USA still around 2k deaths per day but also going down

Looks like we will finish around the 60k-80k death mark for the US

States are starting to open up this week – SC, GA, TN all starting to re-open gyms, fitness centers, bowling alleys, beauty shops and salons, barbershops, restaurants and some movie theaters

SC & TN have only had less than 200 deaths each – low impact areas.  GA has had 700+ and FL has had 800+ – which means FL will be opening up soon

As states re-open – more testing will be done

MA is climbing in deaths and cases – will end up being high on the list – that state, along with NY, NJ, MI will open up later than rest

Oil price per barrel dropped to all time low today – actually finishing -$37 per barrel

I am getting closer to going public with my new venture – I have to take the leap of faith – now or never – I have to believe


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