post 27

world cases – 2,231,792

world deaths – 153,245

world recovered – 568,409

USA cases – 698,851

USA deaths – 36,842

Spain below 300 daily deaths – that’s big – they are re-opening the economy

Italy 500+

UK 800+

France 700+

These countries are still working at bringing the deaths down – but they are going down

USA still at 2k+ level but many states are very low

NY deaths over 1k yesterday but new cases dropped big time

NJ deaths down to 300+

FLA numbers going down – 20-40 per day – we never saw the big numbers

Trump introduce a 3 phase approach to re-opening the states – meet criteria in step 1 to move to step 2

Many states are ready to open – will open soon – things are looking better

Beaches in our area are opening back up – lockdown should be lifted by EOM

Twins 17th bday tomorrow – crazy to have a bday under lockdown – but at least it is not their 18th and at least it is not their senior year

Overall, the girls are doing well under the lockdown – they are resilient – they are strong – just like we raised them

SAT tests cancelled until August


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