post 26

world cases – 2,171,424

world deaths – 144,850

world recovered – 546,272

USA cases – 673,215

USA deaths – 34,384

The big news is that Germany will start to reopen it’s economy very soon – as soon as next week

Germany only had 100+ deaths yesterday – they handled this virus very well and will be rewarded with getting their people back to work

Spain down to 300+ daily deaths and Italy down to 500+ deaths – they will reopen soon as well

UK/France starting to come down

USA appears to be hitting top of mountain and starting to come down – new daily cases number coming down

Some states will open up soon – like CA, WA, OR – seems like the west coast acted early and it is paying off

NY/NJ new daily cases are coming down

FLA appears to be coming down as well

The weekly unemployment numbers came out today – another 5M applied for unemployment – total unemployed is near 20M which is 15% unemployment – we have not seen that number since the Great Depression

What is clear is that if we do not start to re-open soon – these numbers will stick and this will be the greatest depression/recession we have ever seen

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