post 25

world cases – 2,069,280

world deaths – 133,362

world recovered – 508,826

USA cases – 613,898

USA deaths – 26,225

Spain/Italy continue down on death numbers

UK now heading down

France still spiking – over 1k deaths today

We crossed the 2M cases mark but number across the board flattening and heading down

We seem to have averted the worse case scenarios – social distancing and shelter in place orders are paying off

USA still at 2k daily death mark but not going higher

Stimulus checks were going into bank accounts by today – 90% of USA population should have received one – top 10% – out of luck – Trump’s signature on each check – that has never happened before

USA should reopen by May

SAT/ACT June tests have been cancelled and colleges continue to join the list of making these test scores optional for the class of 2021 (our twins) – hopefully this will help our kids

The twins have their 17th bday on Saturday – friends will do a drive by and then they will all meet in their separate cars – lined up in a circle

I’m still getting severance checks so that is a good thing – giving me time to get the new biz going

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