post 24

world cases – 1,986,603

world deaths – 125,423

world recovered – 466,635

USA cases – 583,411

USA deaths – 23,462

Spain down to 300+ daily deaths and looking to reopen economy soon

Italy at 600+ daily deaths – but still going down overall

UK/France down to 700+ daily deaths – looks like curve is flattening

Germany only had 100+ deaths – they seemed to have made it through this crisis fairly well

USA had 1800+ deaths – down from the 2k daily peak

NY/NJ coming down

MA/PA/MI/FL/LA coming to peaks

Trump now says he is working with governors to start re-opening some states before the end of April

We continue our local lockdown with kids in house

I went to the grocery today and everyone was now wearing masks – it is becoming the norm – even the grocery workers

If you don’t wear one, you are looked down upon as someone spreading the virus

I am working on securing some business for my new biz – oppaday

I am a bit stressed going out on my own -knowing that I have to find the business to survive – but so many others do it – why can’t i?

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