post 23

Note – did not record numbers over the weekend – that is why you see a big bump from Friday – these are Monday numbers – basically 25k people died over the weekend across the world

world cases – 1,917,209

world deaths – 119,090

world recovered – 441,232

USA cases – 583,411

USA deaths – 23,462

Spain/Italy  definitely on the way down now – 400+ deaths daily – down from the peak numbers – they are even starting to discuss when to open things back up – number of new cases also way down – which means less death numbers in the future

France/UK also coming down now – they seemed to have a shorter peak period

USA numbers also appear to be flattening – as NY numbers are lower than yesterday and the day before

NY and other NE states are now discussing efforts to re-open their states in coordinated effort

Florida way down on new cases as well

I had a great birthday weekend even during the pandemic – played golf and had driveway drinks with neighbors

We had a great easter locked down as well – went for walk in the woods with the family and watched family movie – kids are becoming closer during this crisis


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