post 22

world cases – 1,680,489

world deaths – 101,762

world recovered – 373,538

Italy/Spain new deaths dropping by 50-100 each day now – down in the 500+ daily death rate – same with new cases – dropping by 500-1k every day

France/UK still rising – in the same boat as Italy/Spain 2 weeks ago

Belgium is going up considerably – 400+ deaths today

USA is close to peaking – 2k deaths per day

NY now has more deaths than any country outside of USA but number of new cases in NY starting to drop a bit

New weekly unemployment numbers – another 6M filed for unemployment – bringing total unemployed to 16M – 10% of USA workforce is now unemployed

Many companies are furloughing their employees

At home – i think we are all getting a bit tired of being under lockdown – we do get out here and there but we are starting to show signs of boredom and exhaustion

The kids continue to do puzzles, play with the dog, lay in the sun

I tricked the kids yesterday into thinking it was national hug day so I could get hugs – it worked!  We all need to hug more

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