post 21

world cases – 1,601,302

world deaths – 95,630

world recovered – 355,671

USA cases – 467,887

USA deaths – 16,642

Spain/Italy continue to flatten – especially on new cases – that trend is going downhill

France/UK continue to spike and go up the mountain

USA is very close to top of the hill – getting ready to flatten

The experts are now projecting less deaths in USA – looking at 60k death mark for final – rather than 100k-240k

That is good news and the stock market is responding to these better projections

The airlines will get bailed out by the govt

This virus continues to bring families together – more family time is happening and that is a good thing – more people out walking, biking, enjoying nature

The kids are doing well – no school tomorrow – Good Friday – so we will have a quiet weekend – eating our Easter dinners in our own houses – no guests

We need to use this time to appreciate what we have and the quality family time we are having


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