post 20

world cases – 1,518,052

world deaths – 88,457

world recovered – 330,392

USA cases – 434,927

USA deaths – 14,788

Spain back to 700+ so hitting their high now

Italy definitely on the decline – 500+ deaths

France down too – 500+ deaths

Germany going up  – 300+ deaths

UK is going way up  – 900+ deaths – going higher than Italy or Spain on daily high count

USA going higher – 2k deaths a day now

NY at 700+ daily deaths

NJ, Michigan, CA following NY

FLA stabilizing – 27 deaths today – lower than yesterday

Market up today but many say another bottom is coming

We are prepare to have Easter in our homes this sunday – no going out, no having guests

My mother will have Easter on her own – can’t visit us

We all do outdoor activities but no indoor visits or gathering in groups

Bernie Sanders dropped out of presidential race today – now down to Trump vs Biden and the result of this virus will be the difference maker – if we pull out soon and economy recovers by Aug – Trump wins and cements his place in history – if we stay down and things get worse – Biden wins

The family having more family time! – kids are getting closer – this is a good thing

Geico says they will give 15% credit to all with their auto insurance – another win for us



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