post 19

world cases – 1,420,621

world deaths – 81,622

world recovered – 301,497

USA cases – 362,326

USA deaths – 10,714

Spain & Italy continue to flatten the curve – staying in the 500-600 daily death range – but new cases are going down – both down 1k from yesterday

France is spiking – 1400+ new deaths

UK spiking – 700+ new deaths

Belgium now spiking – 400+ new deaths

USA spiking – 2k new deaths – but new cases seem to be flattening – not more major jumps

NY new deaths are spiking – 800+ – but new cases seem to be flattening? – we will see

The worst states – NJ, Michigan, Penn, Illinois, California, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts – all over 1k+ new cases

In Florida – our state – 75% of cases/deaths are down in south florida

I hit the grocery store again today – everyone wearing masks – i wiped down everything

Ais and Isabella are playing tennis in the front yard now – as all tennis courts are shut down

Alana doing her dance class via Zoom – crazy – you can see all the kids in their homes doing the dance routines and the teacher is instructing all the students with the movements and making comments on their form, etc

Golf courses remain open – i guess if you are outside and playing away from others – they consider it OK – though i heard golf was shut down in NJ – hot seat for the virus

Stocks are bumpy – no sight of opening economy back up yet – congress will meet to approve for relief funds for the economy

No checks have gone out yet from the govt to the people

Our florida prepaid college account has paused payments for 3 months – another way we are saving $$ during this crisis

With the kids at home – there is no $$ going out – that is a good thing

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