post 18

world cases – 1,337,167

world deaths – 74,176

world recovered – 277,757

USA cases – 362,326

USA deaths – 10,714

Good news – Spain & Italy continue to decrease in daily deaths – 500+

UK has decreased as well

France still high – 800+ daily deaths

Germany continues to have low daily death numbers – people trying to figure out why

Australia also very low death numbers

Japan has declared a nation emergency due to the virus

USA still at 1k+ daily death number

Ireland had another 16 deaths

UK prime minister is now in ICU

Stocks rebounded well today on the news that Europe starting to flatten the curve

Masters moving to November date

NY will fine people $1k for not following social distancing rules

NY still leads daily deaths – 600+

Michigan, NJ – 100+ deaths

Florida had 33 deaths yesterday – 254 total

Trump still having daily press conferences – must see TV – going after reporters that continue to ask negative questions even during this world crisis

Still on lockdown at home – 1st day working on the new business – making progress


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