post 17

This is a weekend post – 2 days since last numbers update

world cases – 1,266,614

world deaths – 69,169

world recovered – 260,967

USA cases – 333,017

USA deaths – 9,528

Spain and Italy have definitely hit the top and are coming back down in terms of daily deaths – both at 500+ daily deaths – down from highs of 800+ to 900+ daily deaths

France and UK seem to be stabilizing as well but not at top yet

NY is still the main USA hot spot for the virus – hitting 600+ daily deaths

NJ had 2nd most daily deaths – 200+ yesterday

Michigan and Penn jumping in new cases

All the experts are saying this next week will be the worse for USA in terms of deaths

We are now being encouraged to wear masks when going out

Trump now saying that we need to start thinking about opening the economy soon so we don’t do permanent last damage to the economy the longer we stay shut down

At home, we are still staying on lockdown – more family time – seeing neighbors at a safe distance with the driveway happy hours

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