post 31

world cases – 2,716,320

world deaths – 190,496

world recovered – 745,100

USA cases – 880,136

USA deaths – 49,842

All EU countries continue to go down in number of deaths and number of new cases.

Some countries actually never shut down – like Sweden.  Sweden keep the economy open and have only see 2k deaths overall.  Some would say that they self-isolate anyway as a country during normal times – some would say they get less international traffic – but nonetheless, they have had an interesting result to all of this.

USA still at the 2k daily death mark and new cases have remained the same – so we can definitely say that we have started to flatten – but the experts say it has been a prolonged flattening before we start to come down significantly because of NY – which has 47% of all deaths in the US.

The rest of the states are going down more rapidly and there are now 16 states that have stated their re-opening plans.

Georgia is supposed to re-open tomorrow – we will see

MA has clearly jumped into 3rd place for deaths after NY, NJ – i don’t think MA will re-open anytime soon

I was mentioning to Ais today that we do clearly live in a bubble in our town in NE FLA – we have not been affected by this crisis that much except for staying at home.  In NY, they are seeing a completely different experience with death everywhere.

The girls continue to get closer in this crisis – it is a completely different experience when you have 3 sisters going through this – they have company, they have each other.


One last note – the NFl draft is today and it all being done remotely – crazy!

post 30

world cases – 2,634,918

world deaths – 184,028

world recovered – 717,287

USA cases – 848,671

USA deaths – 47,658

Same downward momentum continues –

Spain/Italy now have 400+ daily deaths – half of the peak numbers

France/UK coming down as well

Germany/USA have the best deaths per M ratio – meaning that these 2 countries mitigated the virus the best

More protesters across the USA demanding that states reopen – and most states are ready to start re-opening

Dr. Fauci says that the USA mitigation has worked to help bring the forecast numbers way down

South Carolina is in the best shape to re-open according to the stats/predictions – and will be one of the first to re-open

Now we need to see how the economy recovers – that is the big question – will it be a dramatic recovery or a slow one

On the home front – I signed my 2nd client with the new biz today – so that is good news – now just need to earn the revenue

All the kids summer activities like Mayo volunteer program is cancelled


post 29

world cases – 2,555,737

world deaths – 177,459

world recovered – 690,219

USA cases – 818,744

USA deaths – 45,318

All countries going down in daily deaths and new cases – except UK – they are still having a bit of trouble – 800+ new deaths

USA had a higher day in daily deaths – 2800 – but new cases went down by a few thousand

20 states are getting ready to start re-opening things – we will see how it goes

Protests all over the nation – people asking state govts to re-open ASAP

More $$ coming from the US govt to help small businesses

Harvard apparently received some of this aid to the tune of $8M and Trump is not happy – demanding they return so it can help smaller businesses in need

Trump has suspended all immigration to US until crisis is over and US citizens have a chance to get back to work

I need to move us to new healthcare before old employer runs out – will do by next week

post 28

Note: back from the weekend – data reflects 2 days have passed

world cases – 2,479,691

world deaths – 170,370

world recovered – 646,173

USA cases – 792,759

USA deaths – 42,514

All countries are trending downward in terms of daily deaths and daily new cases

USA still around 2k deaths per day but also going down

Looks like we will finish around the 60k-80k death mark for the US

States are starting to open up this week – SC, GA, TN all starting to re-open gyms, fitness centers, bowling alleys, beauty shops and salons, barbershops, restaurants and some movie theaters

SC & TN have only had less than 200 deaths each – low impact areas.  GA has had 700+ and FL has had 800+ – which means FL will be opening up soon

As states re-open – more testing will be done

MA is climbing in deaths and cases – will end up being high on the list – that state, along with NY, NJ, MI will open up later than rest

Oil price per barrel dropped to all time low today – actually finishing -$37 per barrel

I am getting closer to going public with my new venture – I have to take the leap of faith – now or never – I have to believe


post 27

world cases – 2,231,792

world deaths – 153,245

world recovered – 568,409

USA cases – 698,851

USA deaths – 36,842

Spain below 300 daily deaths – that’s big – they are re-opening the economy

Italy 500+

UK 800+

France 700+

These countries are still working at bringing the deaths down – but they are going down

USA still at 2k+ level but many states are very low

NY deaths over 1k yesterday but new cases dropped big time

NJ deaths down to 300+

FLA numbers going down – 20-40 per day – we never saw the big numbers

Trump introduce a 3 phase approach to re-opening the states – meet criteria in step 1 to move to step 2

Many states are ready to open – will open soon – things are looking better

Beaches in our area are opening back up – lockdown should be lifted by EOM

Twins 17th bday tomorrow – crazy to have a bday under lockdown – but at least it is not their 18th and at least it is not their senior year

Overall, the girls are doing well under the lockdown – they are resilient – they are strong – just like we raised them

SAT tests cancelled until August


post 26

world cases – 2,171,424

world deaths – 144,850

world recovered – 546,272

USA cases – 673,215

USA deaths – 34,384

The big news is that Germany will start to reopen it’s economy very soon – as soon as next week

Germany only had 100+ deaths yesterday – they handled this virus very well and will be rewarded with getting their people back to work

Spain down to 300+ daily deaths and Italy down to 500+ deaths – they will reopen soon as well

UK/France starting to come down

USA appears to be hitting top of mountain and starting to come down – new daily cases number coming down

Some states will open up soon – like CA, WA, OR – seems like the west coast acted early and it is paying off

NY/NJ new daily cases are coming down

FLA appears to be coming down as well

The weekly unemployment numbers came out today – another 5M applied for unemployment – total unemployed is near 20M which is 15% unemployment – we have not seen that number since the Great Depression

What is clear is that if we do not start to re-open soon – these numbers will stick and this will be the greatest depression/recession we have ever seen

post 25

world cases – 2,069,280

world deaths – 133,362

world recovered – 508,826

USA cases – 613,898

USA deaths – 26,225

Spain/Italy continue down on death numbers

UK now heading down

France still spiking – over 1k deaths today

We crossed the 2M cases mark but number across the board flattening and heading down

We seem to have averted the worse case scenarios – social distancing and shelter in place orders are paying off

USA still at 2k daily death mark but not going higher

Stimulus checks were going into bank accounts by today – 90% of USA population should have received one – top 10% – out of luck – Trump’s signature on each check – that has never happened before

USA should reopen by May

SAT/ACT June tests have been cancelled and colleges continue to join the list of making these test scores optional for the class of 2021 (our twins) – hopefully this will help our kids

The twins have their 17th bday on Saturday – friends will do a drive by and then they will all meet in their separate cars – lined up in a circle

I’m still getting severance checks so that is a good thing – giving me time to get the new biz going

post 24

world cases – 1,986,603

world deaths – 125,423

world recovered – 466,635

USA cases – 583,411

USA deaths – 23,462

Spain down to 300+ daily deaths and looking to reopen economy soon

Italy at 600+ daily deaths – but still going down overall

UK/France down to 700+ daily deaths – looks like curve is flattening

Germany only had 100+ deaths – they seemed to have made it through this crisis fairly well

USA had 1800+ deaths – down from the 2k daily peak

NY/NJ coming down

MA/PA/MI/FL/LA coming to peaks

Trump now says he is working with governors to start re-opening some states before the end of April

We continue our local lockdown with kids in house

I went to the grocery today and everyone was now wearing masks – it is becoming the norm – even the grocery workers

If you don’t wear one, you are looked down upon as someone spreading the virus

I am working on securing some business for my new biz – oppaday

I am a bit stressed going out on my own -knowing that I have to find the business to survive – but so many others do it – why can’t i?

post 23

Note – did not record numbers over the weekend – that is why you see a big bump from Friday – these are Monday numbers – basically 25k people died over the weekend across the world

world cases – 1,917,209

world deaths – 119,090

world recovered – 441,232

USA cases – 583,411

USA deaths – 23,462

Spain/Italy  definitely on the way down now – 400+ deaths daily – down from the peak numbers – they are even starting to discuss when to open things back up – number of new cases also way down – which means less death numbers in the future

France/UK also coming down now – they seemed to have a shorter peak period

USA numbers also appear to be flattening – as NY numbers are lower than yesterday and the day before

NY and other NE states are now discussing efforts to re-open their states in coordinated effort

Florida way down on new cases as well

I had a great birthday weekend even during the pandemic – played golf and had driveway drinks with neighbors

We had a great easter locked down as well – went for walk in the woods with the family and watched family movie – kids are becoming closer during this crisis


post 22

world cases – 1,680,489

world deaths – 101,762

world recovered – 373,538

Italy/Spain new deaths dropping by 50-100 each day now – down in the 500+ daily death rate – same with new cases – dropping by 500-1k every day

France/UK still rising – in the same boat as Italy/Spain 2 weeks ago

Belgium is going up considerably – 400+ deaths today

USA is close to peaking – 2k deaths per day

NY now has more deaths than any country outside of USA but number of new cases in NY starting to drop a bit

New weekly unemployment numbers – another 6M filed for unemployment – bringing total unemployed to 16M – 10% of USA workforce is now unemployed

Many companies are furloughing their employees

At home – i think we are all getting a bit tired of being under lockdown – we do get out here and there but we are starting to show signs of boredom and exhaustion

The kids continue to do puzzles, play with the dog, lay in the sun

I tricked the kids yesterday into thinking it was national hug day so I could get hugs – it worked!  We all need to hug more