post 21

world cases – 1,601,302

world deaths – 95,630

world recovered – 355,671

USA cases – 467,887

USA deaths – 16,642

Spain/Italy continue to flatten – especially on new cases – that trend is going downhill

France/UK continue to spike and go up the mountain

USA is very close to top of the hill – getting ready to flatten

The experts are now projecting less deaths in USA – looking at 60k death mark for final – rather than 100k-240k

That is good news and the stock market is responding to these better projections

The airlines will get bailed out by the govt

This virus continues to bring families together – more family time is happening and that is a good thing – more people out walking, biking, enjoying nature

The kids are doing well – no school tomorrow – Good Friday – so we will have a quiet weekend – eating our Easter dinners in our own houses – no guests

We need to use this time to appreciate what we have and the quality family time we are having


post 20

world cases – 1,518,052

world deaths – 88,457

world recovered – 330,392

USA cases – 434,927

USA deaths – 14,788

Spain back to 700+ so hitting their high now

Italy definitely on the decline – 500+ deaths

France down too – 500+ deaths

Germany going up  – 300+ deaths

UK is going way up  – 900+ deaths – going higher than Italy or Spain on daily high count

USA going higher – 2k deaths a day now

NY at 700+ daily deaths

NJ, Michigan, CA following NY

FLA stabilizing – 27 deaths today – lower than yesterday

Market up today but many say another bottom is coming

We are prepare to have Easter in our homes this sunday – no going out, no having guests

My mother will have Easter on her own – can’t visit us

We all do outdoor activities but no indoor visits or gathering in groups

Bernie Sanders dropped out of presidential race today – now down to Trump vs Biden and the result of this virus will be the difference maker – if we pull out soon and economy recovers by Aug – Trump wins and cements his place in history – if we stay down and things get worse – Biden wins

The family having more family time! – kids are getting closer – this is a good thing

Geico says they will give 15% credit to all with their auto insurance – another win for us



post 19

world cases – 1,420,621

world deaths – 81,622

world recovered – 301,497

USA cases – 362,326

USA deaths – 10,714

Spain & Italy continue to flatten the curve – staying in the 500-600 daily death range – but new cases are going down – both down 1k from yesterday

France is spiking – 1400+ new deaths

UK spiking – 700+ new deaths

Belgium now spiking – 400+ new deaths

USA spiking – 2k new deaths – but new cases seem to be flattening – not more major jumps

NY new deaths are spiking – 800+ – but new cases seem to be flattening? – we will see

The worst states – NJ, Michigan, Penn, Illinois, California, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts – all over 1k+ new cases

In Florida – our state – 75% of cases/deaths are down in south florida

I hit the grocery store again today – everyone wearing masks – i wiped down everything

Ais and Isabella are playing tennis in the front yard now – as all tennis courts are shut down

Alana doing her dance class via Zoom – crazy – you can see all the kids in their homes doing the dance routines and the teacher is instructing all the students with the movements and making comments on their form, etc

Golf courses remain open – i guess if you are outside and playing away from others – they consider it OK – though i heard golf was shut down in NJ – hot seat for the virus

Stocks are bumpy – no sight of opening economy back up yet – congress will meet to approve for relief funds for the economy

No checks have gone out yet from the govt to the people

Our florida prepaid college account has paused payments for 3 months – another way we are saving $$ during this crisis

With the kids at home – there is no $$ going out – that is a good thing

post 18

world cases – 1,337,167

world deaths – 74,176

world recovered – 277,757

USA cases – 362,326

USA deaths – 10,714

Good news – Spain & Italy continue to decrease in daily deaths – 500+

UK has decreased as well

France still high – 800+ daily deaths

Germany continues to have low daily death numbers – people trying to figure out why

Australia also very low death numbers

Japan has declared a nation emergency due to the virus

USA still at 1k+ daily death number

Ireland had another 16 deaths

UK prime minister is now in ICU

Stocks rebounded well today on the news that Europe starting to flatten the curve

Masters moving to November date

NY will fine people $1k for not following social distancing rules

NY still leads daily deaths – 600+

Michigan, NJ – 100+ deaths

Florida had 33 deaths yesterday – 254 total

Trump still having daily press conferences – must see TV – going after reporters that continue to ask negative questions even during this world crisis

Still on lockdown at home – 1st day working on the new business – making progress


post 17

This is a weekend post – 2 days since last numbers update

world cases – 1,266,614

world deaths – 69,169

world recovered – 260,967

USA cases – 333,017

USA deaths – 9,528

Spain and Italy have definitely hit the top and are coming back down in terms of daily deaths – both at 500+ daily deaths – down from highs of 800+ to 900+ daily deaths

France and UK seem to be stabilizing as well but not at top yet

NY is still the main USA hot spot for the virus – hitting 600+ daily deaths

NJ had 2nd most daily deaths – 200+ yesterday

Michigan and Penn jumping in new cases

All the experts are saying this next week will be the worse for USA in terms of deaths

We are now being encouraged to wear masks when going out

Trump now saying that we need to start thinking about opening the economy soon so we don’t do permanent last damage to the economy the longer we stay shut down

At home, we are still staying on lockdown – more family time – seeing neighbors at a safe distance with the driveway happy hours

post 16

world cases – 1,088,388

world deaths – 58,448

world recovered – 228,005

USA cases – 270,062

USA deaths – 6,927

Italy at 700+ daily deaths – hope to see below 700+ soon

Spain at 600+ daily deaths – have they plateaued?

France spiking with daily deaths – 1k+

UK daily deaths rising fast – 600+

Ireland had 22 new deaths

India still very low in all virus numbers

USA at 1k+ daily deaths

NY had biggest single death day – 600+

NY had 10k new cases

NJ had 4k new cases

Michigan had 2k new cases

California staying lower – only 300 new cases – they shut down 2 weeks before most other states

In Florida – we are in the 1st day of state lockdown

The Florida unemployment system is not working – blocking thousands from signing up for unemployment insurance – heads are going to roll

I was officially laid off yesterday – which I now see as a blessing – I am now on the path to having my own business – which i would never had done if not laid off

I signed my first deal today for the new business – a great friend and neighbor who needs help driving more sales for his business

I am working on creating all the materials for the business – getting all the concepts, thoughts and processes on paper

Next week, i will start working on the the new client’s objectives – will continue material build-out and will start to look for that next deal.

I will not make an official announcement until mid April


post 15

world cases – 1,015,466

world deaths – 53,190

world recovered – 212,229

USA cases – 245,066

USA deaths – 6,075

Big news is we hit the 1M mark in the world for number of cases

USA hitting 1k+ deaths per day

Italy has definitely hit the top and is coming down

Spain still going towards top – 900+ deaths daily

France hitting bigger numbers – 1k+ today

UK heading towards 500+ daily deaths

Netherlands, Belgium, Germany all 1k+ new daily cases

Florida will go into official shelter in place tonight at midnight

USA weekly unemployment numbers hit a new historic high today – 6.6M new claims this week – up from 3.3M claims last week

We now have 10M new unemployed in USA – next week will be more

People are being put in freezers after they die – no funerals in site due to fear of spreading the virus

I took my mother to the grocery store today to stock up for 2 weeks as we head into state lockdown

Started the new company yesterday – working on first deals now

I truly feel that it is my destiny to move forward with this new business right now in this time of crisis

I never would have thought that 4 weeks ago

You never know what is going to happen and you never know how people are going to act

post 14

world cases – 935,022

world deaths – 47,189

world recovered – 193,989

USA cases – 214,836

USA deaths – 5,099

Huge jump in daily deaths for USA – over 1000 yesterday – up from 500 the day before

Italy is flattening – death numbers have finally hit a plateau – 700+ from yesterday – 100 less than the day before

Spain is reaching peak daily deaths – 900+

France and UK both at 500+ deaths yesterday

Germany bumping up too

180 countries have reported having the virus

Shit is getting serious in the USA –

Trump and officials now having daily briefings at the WH and on TV

Trump and health officials stated yesterday that 100k-250k people in the USA will die from the virus and this is with full mitigation practices in effect.

If we had done nothing, then 1.6M-2.5M would have died in the USA

100k-250k are still very startling numbers for deaths from a virus over the course of a few months – and this is just the USA – which will have the most deaths

Trump says the next few weeks will be very, very tough

We might have to start wearing masks – waiting on what the govt suggests

30 states have now issued “shelter in place” orders for the next 30 days – including florida – starting tomorrow – we will be under this order

I just went out and bought another month’s worth of food so we can be prepared

Stock market close today was the worst ever start to a quarter

2 cruise ships are stuck off the coast of florida after having been refused landing by several countries – 4 dead on one ship with many more sick from the virus

Wimbledon has been cancelled this year – first time since WWII

I started my company today – oppaday inc – working on 1st deals with contacts/friends i know

Even though this is the worst time in history to start a business – I believe that i was laid off for a reason – to go down that path of starting a business – every thing in me is pushing me in that direction – better now than never

I will go down to my mother’s house tomorrow to help her get groceries before the state lockdown order goes into effect at midnight tomorrow

post 13

world cases – 846,139

world deaths – 41,475

world recovered – 176,520

USA cases – 187,321

USA deaths – 3,850

USA had 24k+ new cases in the last day – things are jumping up – heading towards peak

NY alone had 9k+ new cases in the last day – the epicenter of the virus in the USA

Italy still at 800+ daily deaths but could be flattening

Same with Spain – 500+ daily deaths

France had 500+ deaths yesterday

UK jumped to 400+ deaths yesterday

Belgium and Netherlands at the 200+ daily death rate

NY, NJ, Louisiana, Georgia, FLA, Penn all leading the way in new daily cases

Daily press conference by Trump continuing to give updates

More ventilators and masks are being produced by the private sector

Everyone knows it is going to get worse over the next few weeks before it gets better

Most don’t see re-opening the economy until May-June

Workers at Amazon warehouses are striking – saying Amazon is not protecting them from the virus while on the job

Many retail stores like Macy’s are furloughing their workers until the crisis starts to subside

Stock market ending 1st quarter as worst since 1987

Banks letting people pause mortgage payments for 3 months – we might do that to conserve cash

People are hoarding food, booze as more states in USA go into stay at home forced lockdowns

Everyone looking for toilet paper – we got the word there was some at our local grocery and rushed there to buy some

Kids doing OK with school online process

We continue to have our family card game nights – this virus is bringing people closer together

Neighbors are all in shock over this crisis just like everyone else

post 12

Looking at the current trend, we have seen 10x the amount of deaths in the USA every 10 days.

Right now we stand at 3k deaths, so in 10 days on April 10th, the number dead in the USA will be 30k

On April 20th, the number dead in the USA will be 300k

After April 20th, the curve should start to flatten because there is no way we would jump to 3MIL deaths by April 30th.

This means we should peak by April 25th and start to come down by then.

The total deaths in the USA should end up between 400k-600k

Society will start to re-open by May 15th