post 13

world cases – 846,139

world deaths – 41,475

world recovered – 176,520

USA cases – 187,321

USA deaths – 3,850

USA had 24k+ new cases in the last day – things are jumping up – heading towards peak

NY alone had 9k+ new cases in the last day – the epicenter of the virus in the USA

Italy still at 800+ daily deaths but could be flattening

Same with Spain – 500+ daily deaths

France had 500+ deaths yesterday

UK jumped to 400+ deaths yesterday

Belgium and Netherlands at the 200+ daily death rate

NY, NJ, Louisiana, Georgia, FLA, Penn all leading the way in new daily cases

Daily press conference by Trump continuing to give updates

More ventilators and masks are being produced by the private sector

Everyone knows it is going to get worse over the next few weeks before it gets better

Most don’t see re-opening the economy until May-June

Workers at Amazon warehouses are striking – saying Amazon is not protecting them from the virus while on the job

Many retail stores like Macy’s are furloughing their workers until the crisis starts to subside

Stock market ending 1st quarter as worst since 1987

Banks letting people pause mortgage payments for 3 months – we might do that to conserve cash

People are hoarding food, booze as more states in USA go into stay at home forced lockdowns

Everyone looking for toilet paper – we got the word there was some at our local grocery and rushed there to buy some

Kids doing OK with school online process

We continue to have our family card game nights – this virus is bringing people closer together

Neighbors are all in shock over this crisis just like everyone else

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