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world cases – 935,022

world deaths – 47,189

world recovered – 193,989

USA cases – 214,836

USA deaths – 5,099

Huge jump in daily deaths for USA – over 1000 yesterday – up from 500 the day before

Italy is flattening – death numbers have finally hit a plateau – 700+ from yesterday – 100 less than the day before

Spain is reaching peak daily deaths – 900+

France and UK both at 500+ deaths yesterday

Germany bumping up too

180 countries have reported having the virus

Shit is getting serious in the USA –

Trump and officials now having daily briefings at the WH and on TV

Trump and health officials stated yesterday that 100k-250k people in the USA will die from the virus and this is with full mitigation practices in effect.

If we had done nothing, then 1.6M-2.5M would have died in the USA

100k-250k are still very startling numbers for deaths from a virus over the course of a few months – and this is just the USA – which will have the most deaths

Trump says the next few weeks will be very, very tough

We might have to start wearing masks – waiting on what the govt suggests

30 states have now issued “shelter in place” orders for the next 30 days – including florida – starting tomorrow – we will be under this order

I just went out and bought another month’s worth of food so we can be prepared

Stock market close today was the worst ever start to a quarter

2 cruise ships are stuck off the coast of florida after having been refused landing by several countries – 4 dead on one ship with many more sick from the virus

Wimbledon has been cancelled this year – first time since WWII

I started my company today – oppaday inc – working on 1st deals with contacts/friends i know

Even though this is the worst time in history to start a business – I believe that i was laid off for a reason – to go down that path of starting a business – every thing in me is pushing me in that direction – better now than never

I will go down to my mother’s house tomorrow to help her get groceries before the state lockdown order goes into effect at midnight tomorrow

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