post 10

world cases – 656,690

world deaths – 30,398

world recovered – 141,414

USA cases – 119,609

USA deaths – 1,988

It is the weekend now – so will keep it short

The world is seeing about 5k deaths per day now and USA seeing 500 deaths per day – NY is the epicenter with almost half of all deaths in the country

NY – 728 deaths

FL – 54 deaths

The USA deaths per million people is still quite low –

6 deaths per MIL – whereas Italy has 166 deaths per MIL

Italy had 900+ deaths yesterday – highest day so far

Spain – 600+ deaths

We have not hit the top yet in those countries and they are 2 weeks ahead of USA

Kids went to beach again but only with 1 friend each – no one allowed in our house – only outside visits

We had our nightly driveway happy hour with the neighbors – keeping our spirits up!

Kids will start school on Monday – all online classes now

Twins did better on SATs – getting there

One last thing – Trump flew to Norfolk to send off Navy hospital ship – USS Comfort – it has 1000 beds and will dock off NYC to help with the patient overflow there

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