note 9

world cases – 577,547

world deaths – 26,447

world recovered – 130,665

USA cases – 94,425

USA deaths – 1,429

A lot going on –

Boris Johnson – PM of UK has tested positive for the virus – self quarantined at his home

Italy had 900+ deaths yesterday – new daily record for that country

Spain had 500+ deaths yesterday

UK and Netherlands are jumping in daily death numbers

Ireland has 19 deaths – big jump from yesterday – due to a nursing home attack of the virus

Libya only reporting 1 case so far – must be wrong!

USA now has the most cases in the world – Italy is 2nd, China now 3rd

NYC is the epicenter for the virus in the US – more cases than most countries

NYC has 500+ deaths and 44k+ cases – crazy

Florida has 2900 cases and 29 deaths

3k+ people die each day across the world – at this pace, we would see 100k deaths per month and up to 1M if this continued for the next 12 months – with all our efforts, this should not happen

The $2T stimulus bill just passed the House and on its way to the WH for Trump to sign

Some Kentucky rep tried to block it – what a jackass!

Stock market is down today but could bump up once bill is signed by Trump

I went to the grocery store today for a few essential items – there was tape on the floor showing people where to walk and how far to stand from each other while waiting in lines – there was an eerie silence in the place – people are just scared

No family poker last night but we did have social distance happy hour with neighbors in our driveway – will probably repeat tonight

I continue to do research for my job hunt or possible new consulting company – going to focus on starting my own thing before working for someone else

My old bosses made comments on the sales pitch and site I sent their way – great feedback

I need to do all the grunt work on the project next week – possible launch 1st week of April


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