note 8

world cases – 510,018

world deaths – 23,010

world recovered – 122,232

USA cases – 75,155

USA deaths – 1,082

It is crazy that we report on death stats everyday now – we all look at the daily death toll as another part of our day.

Italy another 700+ deaths

Spain another 500+ deaths

France has 1300 total deaths

UK has 500 deaths

Another death in our town – the person worked with a guy i know – 66 years old, smoker

Another prominent person in our area is in ICU – hope he is OK

Stock market is taking off – still waiting for the $2T stimulus bill to get through the House and Trump should sign by tomorrow

The biggest weekly unemployment number came out today – 3.2M new people claimed unemployment this last week – way up from 270,000 the week before

The kids are still on lockdown – but can go out for exercise

We played family poker last night – Alana the big winner – $5

I want to play blackjack with them tonight but they might want the night off

Food supply is OK in the house – might need to get essentials soon – frozen pizza tonight and a social distancing happy hour with the neighbors in the driveway – no going into people’s houses

Sent my company idea to my old bosses and they provided feedback – good guys – smart guys

I also talked to one of my old bosses yesterday – there might be an opportunity to do some business with him – great guy – he saved me in the last recession

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