note 7

world cases – 453,074

world deaths – 20,519

world recovered – 113,121

USA cases – 61,062

USA deaths – 838

India has been out on complete lockdown

Another 700+ death day for Italy

Spain also has another 500+ deaths

Prince Charles tested positive for the virus

Stock market is rallying 2 days in a row with the passage of the $2T stimulus bill to combat the economic shutdown due to the virus

Guy was arrested for licking products in wal-mart – charged with terrorist act – he was trying to catch the virus and pass on to others

Trump says he wants to re-open the country by Easter – doubtful

We had another night in with the kids (teens) – playing poker again – Isabella was the big winner – $5

It is fascinating how this lockdown around the world has brought families closer together.

Kids will restart school online next week – teachers sending info this week

I continue to wake up in the middle of the night worried about finding a new job since being laid off during this crisis – good news is more $$ will be sent to unemployed folks during this time

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