note 6

world cases – 409,507

world deaths – 18,278

world recovered – 107,080

USA cases – 50,029

USA deaths – 636

Italy had another 700+ death – mostly people in their 80s

Spain had another 400+ deaths

UK has been put on lockdown

Stock marketing rallying on hopes $2T stimulus passes congress today – they say it is close

I’m still trying to make some $$ off this market – we will see.  It is not like I know what I am doing but feel there could be an opportunity in this free-falling market.  But it is very risky, especially since I am out of a job – though i need to take risks to survive – for my family to survive.

Beaches still open in our area – people still going to beaches – temp is in the 80s – hopefully that helps keep the virus away but who knows

We have the kids on the 2nd day of lockdown – but do let them go out for exercise and to get groceries for the family.

One bright spot on the lockdown is we spend more time together as a family.  Last night we played poker with the kids.  It was fun – Olivia won the $5 pot.

Looking forward to playing more games with the kids tonight.

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