note 5

world cases – 367,003

world deaths – 16,102

world recovered – 101,065

USA cases – 40,855

USA deaths – 483

Italy still seeing 600+ deaths per day – hopefully that will flatten soon

Spain is showing 400+ deaths per day

USA had the most new cases today

Daily press meetings by the president and his staff

Relief funds still in congress – hopefully will be released soon

2020 summer olympics have been postponed

I spent the morning buying and selling stocks – trying to make some revenue with this dropping market – trying to learn how to do this

I am also thinking of starting my own business during these tough times – focus on my selling strengths.  I have built up sales systems at a few companies successfully and want to see if I can pitch this service to other companies – calling the company oppaday – in reference to getting a sales opportunity per day

I am also working on organizing my contact lists to see where i might find a job if the new business does not work

First day of official lock down at our house – girls pushing back, saying all their friends are out and about – this is not true – we need to do our part and stay inside for now

Kids starting to do online work for their classes – they need to get into a routine for school – working from home


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