note 4

world cases – 322,572

world deaths – 13,745

world recovered – 96,006

USA cases – 30,239

USA deaths – 388

Went to wal-mart yesterday to buy food for my mother – many of the aisles were empty of feed – they were guarding the toilet paper and giving out one package to each customer – a person sneezed 4 times and everyone freaked out – we wiped all the groceries down after and also wiped the cart down before

Beaches still open in our town – and the golf courses and tennis courts

A 53 year old man died in our town – healthy person

A trillion dollar stimulus is coming this week to help industries suffering

Tax day pushed out 3 months to July 15th to give people a break on paying taxes

Italy had 800 deaths in 1 day

Some colleges starting classes again tomorrow – but all virtual – you see the teacher on a video

High schools should go online soon

I did go play golf today to get out in the fresh air – we all had to drive our own carts and no one touched our golf bags – plus a circular sponge in the hole so ball does not go down into the hole – wiped everything down

Back to job hunt tomorrow – still optimistic

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