note 3

going to start with the daily numbers

world cases – 283,061

world deaths – 11,826

world recovered – 93,535

USA cases – 19,774

USA deaths – 275

New terms being introduced into the vocabulary –

social distancing – stay 6 feet away from each other

flattening the curve – stem the virus and have the amount of cases/deaths plateau instead of keep going up

shelter in place – stay in your home – no going out unless it is for bare necessities

California, Illinois, NY all on complete lockdown

All restaurants are now closed but you can do take out or delivery

We had our first case in our town – guy at a golf club – everyone is locking down now

We put hand wipes at our garage door for anyone coming in the house and we will lock the kids down after today – we should lock them down sooner than today but they keep pushing to go out – go to the beach – but beaches now are closing across Florida

Forgot to mention – all office workers across USA are now working from home so you see posts of folks using video and even the newscasters are working from home – you now see what everyone’s house looks like

I am still looking for a job – doing all the prep work on which companies have jobs and which contacts i have at these companies

Went to grocery store yesterday – i was a bit freaked out trying not to touch anything – wiping all the groceries down when i got home – no meat, no bread, no eggs, no pasta, no paper products at the store

Going today to take my mother to the store – probably shouldn’t see her but she can’t drive – will wipe everything down

last thing on unemployment – 70k new claims this week – they are expecting millions next week – many in hospitality laying off all workers

across the world – Italy deaths climbing – Spain cases going up – Germany too, but less deaths

companies trying to find a vaccine – could take months

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