note 2

ok – doing more catch up on news

all sporting events around the world have been cancelled over the last 2 weeks

California now on complete lockdown

We have been going to grocery store over the last few days – getting meat and frozen pizzas – today all the meat was gone

stock market will finish week at lowest drop since 2008

Florida senator calling for everyone off the beach – and we just found out someone in our town rushed to hospital with symptoms

we have 3 relatives in the UK with the virus

they will send out checks of $1200 per person in April – must be below $100k salary level – looks like we don’t get any money

i continue to look for work – getting my contacts organized

kids were supposed to be on spring break this week – we were going to look at colleges in SC and NC – colleges said don’t come – we got our money back from hotels and AirBnB

the whole town is on stayvacation – which now will probably last for the rest of the school year

on the flip side – we bought 5 tickets to boston for late may – $60 per ticket – see if we can go by then

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