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Ok let’s start this thing.  Crazy things happening in the world now.  Coronavirus or Covid-19 is spreading all over the world.

I am going to put in a few notes every day to track things and tell my story.


March 9th seemed to kick start the panic.

I was told that I was going to be laid off from my company on that day.

The stock market started to go down dramatically.

By the end of the week, kids were sent home from school – closed for 2 weeks.

Colleges shut down.

Countries starting to shut down and close borders.

Italy, Iran, South Korea all following China with rising cases and deaths.


Jump to March 18 – officially laid off

Layoffs starting across the world

Hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, move theatres all closing down – employees let go.

Market still going down

Deaths rising

Kids still don’t realize what is going on

I live in Florida – my teenage girls off to the beach every day – but now they are shutting beaches


I am starting to look for a job

I am conserving cash – looking over the budget to see how many months we can go

My wife does work – so that helps

I am not getting much sleep – typing this at 3am today – March 20th, 2020

World cases to date – 246,020

World deaths to date – 10,049

World recovered to date – 88,483

These are just the ones we know about – many more not recorded

USA – 14,366 cases and 217 deaths

more later

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